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The must have utility for Hunting & Sport Shooting Enthusiasts

Have you ever imagined a world where you can relive certain experiences?  Here it is!  With the Triggercam 2.1 you can enjoy footage from your hunting experience.  The Triggercam 2.1 is designed to withstand any recoil your hunting rifle might throw at it.  


The TRIGGERCAM mobile application provides the user with fully integrated control interface to your TRIGGERCAM through Wi-Fi connectivity. The app is available on both IOS & Android platforms downloadable from the app stores free. The app provides users with the following interactive functions:

Livestream TRIGGERCAM to
your mobile device.

Control the recording of your TRIGGERCAM from your device.

Record, save and view videos
directly from your device.

Share your video/photo content on Social media platforms and with friends.

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Product Registration

Make sure you register your Triggercam by clicking on the button and filling out the required fields. 

Brands who use Triggercam

“This is a great compact package. Excellent size and product. We need to get the word out in the US market.
I had never heard of this before. Awesome.”
– M. Swan
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