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About Us

As Innovative entrepreneurs and passionate wildlife enthusiast, Eyecam Technologies (Pty) Ltd focuses on the integration between technology and our passion. We are continuously working to ensure our products are of world class standards, and realize that being a pioneer, our commitment to our clients are even greater! Visioning the optimal utilization of modern technology and the ever increasing demand for adventure cameras.

Connecting Dots
Connecting Dots


Eyecam Technologies has developed TRIGGERCAM, the ultimate hunting and shooting accessory, specifically for the dedicated sportsman hunter.

Gone are the days of fading memories of that first hunt. TRIGGERCAM now allows you to relive the moment, forever.

TRIGGERCAM is revolutionary and will change the hunting environment forever!


No compromising on Quality! 

By utilizing superior technical expertise and the highest
quality raw materials, we ensure a unique, durable,
user – friendly product.


Our focus remains on continued innovation for optimal choice
and beyond, to differentiate us from competitors. Whilst context
may change – Innovation endures!


We strive to push the envelope in our field and focus on making a difference in how the world sees hunting.
Being pioneers, our commitment to our clients is unconditional.

TRIGGERCAM is revolutionary and has changed the hunting and shooting environment forever.
All glory to God!

Connecting Dots

Our Story 

Eyecam Technologies (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2014 as a technology start-up to focus on the development of Triggercam.

From humble beginnings we have grown significantly to have a multi-disciplinary team, a global dealer network of 258 dealers, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and sales globally to multiple countries.

We pride ourselves on having unique people with innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering work ethic. We will continue to design next generation products through engineering excellence.

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