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  • If your Triggercam remains on 5% battery indication level. Your Triggercam requires a firmware update
    Please upload the file to your SD card by following the link:
  • What should I do when the live stream is static?
    Hardware reset instructions: 1. Ensure units is switched off. 2. Press and hold both the power and shutter button, until the LED indicators lights up and goes off, then release the buttons. 3. After the LED indicators turned off and you released the buttons you have a successful reset. Very important to keep pressing until lights switch on and off again. It takes a few seconds.
  • I am having Issues charging my Triggercam, what can I do?
    This usually means 1 of 2 things: 1. The power source that is being used is too low. The voltage output to charge the unit is too low to be able to charge the Triggercam. - Try using a different charging source. 2. The type of cable being used is not charging the Triggercam. C-type to C-type cables do not charge the Triggercam. Please use the original charging cable in order to charge the unit successfully. Alternatively a USB to C-type cable can charge your Triggercam. Please try the above mentioned (higher voltage output and/or different cable, USB to C-type original charging cable).
  • What if I am experiencing a black screen on my application?
    Removing your SD card then turning off your unit. Thereafter, you are going to have to do the hard reset once again (without the SD card). Once that is completed, please turn on your unit without the SD card. 1. Disable mobile data for that particular application from the mobile data screen in your settings on your phone. 2. Connect the device to the Triggercam and see if it works. Thereafter, turn off the Triggercam, remove the SD card completely. Perform a hardware reset and then connect the Triggercam once again to the mobile device.
  • Live stream difficulties
    Please can you perform the hardware reset: Very important to keep pressing until lights switch on and off again. It takes a few seconds. Once that is completed, please forget the Wi-Fi connection and then re-connect to the Wi-Fi. Please note that if there is other Wi-Fi and of Bluetooth interferences in a nearby range that it could have an affect 1. Insert the original SD card that came with the Triggercam 2. Format the SD card with the Triggercam App through connecting with the camera 3. Retry
  • Quick capture capability
    As soon as you are in the application (with your Triggercam linked to your device) Go to the settings under quick capture and turn it on, turn your WiFi off thereafter. As soon as the Triggercam searches for a WiFi connection, it takes longer to start recording. But if you turn it off it will take 2-3 seconds after you switch it on to start the recording.
  • What is the battery life on the Triggercam?
    Operational usage (recording, Wi-Fi etc) 3.5 hours. Standby time 8 hours. BSP has 1-hour operational usage and 4 hours standby time.
  • How much eye relief is consumed by the Triggercam?
    Approximately 1-inch of your eye relief.
  • A Delay of live image between the Triggercam and my handheld device
    Under User Settings on the Triggercam App press Clear cache.
  • Does this unit require me to use my smart phone or portable camera?
    No. Triggercam or BSP comes with its own HD camera built in. You won’t need your cell phone or a portable camera to be able to use your Triggercam. Just press the recording button and you are ready to go!
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    Once you have placed your order and made the payment, our dispatch team will need to prepare goods for you. We will issue you with a parcel tracking number as soon as your goods have been dispatched. You will then be able to track the status of your parcel. Depending on where your order is going, deliveries will take between 3 – 5 working days. Orders placed on a Friday and over the weekend will only be delivered the next week as Courier Guy and DHL do not deliver on weekends.
  • How Much is delivery?
    We make use of Courier Guy and DHL services to do the deliveries nationwide. The charge is set by the courier company and added to your purchase. Should your delivery address be located in a rural area, please contact us to check if we can post your parcel to the nearest post office. This may incur an additional surcharge.
  • How do I track my order?
    You can track your order via Courier Guy and/or DHL Courier Services with your waybill number using the following links: Courier Guy: DHL:
  • How can I order my very own Triggercam?
    By using the Dealer locator on the website you can come into touch with your nearest dealer and place an order through them.
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