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Triggercam 2.1+

You requested and we executed!

It’s here!


the Triggercam 2.1+  

Manufactured to be compatible with larger rifle scopes.

Pre order yours now by completing the form below 



What is different?

Triggercam 2.1:

Sleeves in box - 40mm-47mm. 
Smaller or odd eyepiece can be custom designed.
Max dimension - 48mm (no sleeve)

Triggercam 2.1+:


Sleeves in box - 40 - 50.5mm
Odd eyepiece can be custom designed.
Max dimension - 51.5mm (no sleeve)

Scopes that are compatible with Triggercam 2.1+ is:  

ZCO all series ,

S&B PMii series ,

Leica Fortis 6


Visual Illustration of the difference 

Website 2.1+.jpeg
Blue Smoke

Order Form for  your Triggercam 2.1+

If you would like to Pre-order your Triggercam 2.1 specifically designed for bigger rifle scopes, please fill in the form below. 

Fits larger eyepiece rifle scopes. 
ZCO compatible

Thanks for submitting!

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